User names with numbers

So, recently I’ve been playing a really fun game. I got Star Wars Battlefront with my PS4 back before Christmas as an early present from my Mum & Step-Dad, but thanks to the crazy outback Alaskan satellite internet I wasn’t able to play it right away.

Turns out even when I got back it was going to be a no go, due in part to not having a Playstation Plus account – and even after I bought some time just before my birthday I’d completely forgotten I could now play Battlefront until recently.

Which brings me to the point of this rant, because that’s what it is.

There are so many unimaginative usernames out there! I’ve played with people so desperate to call themselves nacho that they feel the need to add 2857358652523879325962395 at the end of their name for the originality of a bland and boring handle that makes no sense and won’t even differentiate them from anyone else who had the awesome idea of calling themselves nacho.

There are plenty of words in the world to use, either on their own or in combination with other words! I think I can even tolerate the use of numbers as a replacement for certain letters. 0 (zero) for an O for example!! Sometimes. Maybe.

I’ve been streaming my efforts, and it turns out that this seems to be a major hang up of mine, but I can’t really decide what the reason for my frustrations are. It’s not like their username is offensive me, nor should it bring the anger that it does, but I suppose it is JUST ONE OF THOSE THINGS.

I spent some time trying to rationalise the whole thing. Even the addition of numbers after a username to denote a year of birth is– frustrating to me?!

Maybe it’s a way to deflect my frustrations at almost always ending up in the bottom half of the scoreboard by the end of each campaign, but I’ll embrace the elitism nonetheless!