Into The Breach

Hi everyone!

Lately, I’ve been trying my hand at streaming via Twitch. It has been a LOT of fun, and I’ve had the pleasure of chatting with a few people who I might not have had the chance to talk with if I’d decided not to go ahead and play videos for others like this.

If you’ve played the equally awesome game Faster Than Light, this is probably going to be another one of those that you enjoy. As someone from the future you work with pilots and their mech to rid the world of Vek which are invading in the hopes of breeding until they eliminate all human life by stomping on the high rise flats all of humanity seems to have congregated into.

As someone who also enjoys tracking achievements, and having something very visual to looking at whilst doing so I wrote out a list of all the achievements… Nothing new there for me, however – I really wanted to share my progress, with some other information!

Where better to publicise that information than my very own WEBSITE! Yay.

So here it is. My list of completed achievements, the order that I achieve them in, and the date on which they were accomplished!

Victory [Date: 14th May Achievement: 15]
Win a game (of any length).

Best of the Best   [Date: 20th May Achievement: 21]
Get 3 pilots with the highest experience level.

Overpowered   [Date:  Achievement: ]
Overload your Energy grid two times while leading Rusting Hulks.

Perfect Battle   [Date: 16th May Achievement: 16]
Avoid any damage received (by your units or civilian buildings) while leading Rusting Hulks.

Ramming Speed   [Date:  Achievement: ]
Kill an opponent separated by 5 or more squares using Dash Punch while leading Rift Walkers.

The Defenders    [Date: 8th May Achievement: 8]
Complete an island without letting a building get damaged.

Chain Attack    [Date: 1st May Achievement: 5]
Use Chain Whip to engage 10 squares at once while leading Blitzkrieg.

Sustainable Energy   [Date: 8th May Achievement: 11]
Complete three islands without letting the energy grid bar go down below 4.

Friend in High Places   [Date: 8th May Achievement: 10]
Spend 50 reputation points in all games.

Emerging Technologies   [Date: 30th April Achievement: 4]
Unlock a new mech unit.

Field Promotion   [Date: 29th April Achievement: 1]
Have a pilot with the highest experience level.

Perfect Island   [Date:  1st May Achievement: 6 ]
Complete all secondary missions on a single island.

Island Secure   [Date: 29th April Achievement: 2 ]
Complete the first island while leading Rift Walkers.

Watery Grave   [Date: 30th April  Achievement: 3]
Drown three enemies in a single battle while leading Rift Walkers.

Unbreakable   [Date:  Achievement: ]
Absorb 5 damage in a single battle while leading Steel Judoka.

Unwitting Allies   [Date:  Achievement: ]
Kill 4 enemies through fire while leading Steel Judoka.

Mass Displacement   [Date:  Achievement: ]
Push out 3 opponents with a single attack while leading Steel Judoka.

Mech Specialist   [Date:  Achievement: ]
Complete the game with three same mechs while leading Custom.

Class Specialist   [Date:  Achievement: ]
Complete the game with three different mechs of the same class while leading Custom.

Flight Specialist   [Date:  Achievement: ]
Complete the game with three flying mechs while leading Custom.

Lightning War   [Date:  Achievement: ]
Complete the first two islands in a period of time shorter than 30 minutes while leading Blitzkrieg.

Hold the Line   [Date:  Achievement: ]
Block 4 incoming Vek in a single turn while leading Blitzkrieg.

Healing   [Date:  Achievement: ]
Heal 10 health points in a single battle while leading Hazardous Mechs.

Immortal   [Date:  Achievement: ]
Complete 4 islands without losing a single mech while leading Hazardous Mechs.

Overkill   [Date:  Achievement: ]
Deal 8 damage with a single attack while leading Hazardous Mechs.

Engineering Dropout   [Date: 8th May Achievement: 12]
Complete 3 islands without upgrading your weapons.

Trusted Equipment   [Date:  Achievement: ]
Complete 3 islands without adding new pilots and weapons.

There is No Try   [Date:  Achievement: ]
Complete 3 islands with completing all secondary objectives.

Chronophobia   [Date: 8th May Achievement: 13]
Complete 3 islands with destructing all Time Pods.

Untouchable   [Date: 20th May  Achievement: 19]
Complete an island without taking any damage (repairs do not count).

Backup Batteries   [Date: 8th May Achievement: 9]
Get or buy 10 Grid Power on a single island.

Good Samaritan   [Date: 20th May Achievement: 20]
Get 9 reputation points on a single island.

Immovable Objects   [Date: 20th May Achievement: 17]
Block 100 Vek throughout the course of the game.

Perfect Strategy   [Date:  Achievement: ]
Get 10 Perfect Island throughout the course of the game.

Humanity’s Savior   [Date:  Achievement: ]
Save 100 000 civilians throughout the course of the game.

Distant Friends   [Date:  Achievement: ]
Encounter a friendly pilot.

I’m getting too old for this   [Date:  Achievement: ]
Have a pilot who has taken part in the last battle three times.

Come Together   [Date: 14th May Achievement: 14]
Unlock 6 additional pilots.

Complete Victory   [Date:  Achievement: ]
Complete the game with all 10 mech units (any duration).

Squads Victory   [Date:  Achievement: ]
Complete the game with 4 different mech units (any duration).

Hard Victory   [Date:  Achievement: ]
Complete the game on Hard (any duration).

Adaptable Victory   [Date: 20th May  Achievement: 22 ]
Complete the game once on any length (2,3,4 islands).

Get Over Here   [Date: 8th May Achievement: 7 ]
Kill an opponent by pulling him to your unit while leading Zenith Guard.

Glittering C-Beam   [Date:  Achievement: ]
Kill four opponents with a single laser while leading Zenith Guard.

Shielded   [Date:  Achievement: ]
Block incoming attacks with a shield four times during a single battle while leading Zenith Guard.

Cryo Expert   [Date:  Achievement: ]
Fire the Cryo-Launcher four Times during a single battle while leading Frozen Titans.

Mirror Shot   [Date:  Achievement: ]
Kill three enemies with a single Trick Shot while leading Frozen Titans.

Pacifist   [Date:  Achievement: ]
Kill less than 3 opponents during a single battle while leading Frozen Titans.

Loot Boxes!   [Date:  Achievement: ]
Open 5 Time Pods in a single game while leading Random.

Lucky Start   [Date:  Achievement: ]
Complete a game without spending reputation points while leading Random.

Change the Odds   [Date: 20th May Achievement: 18]
Raise Grid Defense to 30% while leading Random.

Stormy Weather   [Date:  Achievement: ]
Deal 12 damage using Electric Smoke during a single battle while leading Rusting Hulks.

Quantum Entanglement   [Date:  Achievement: ]
Teleport a unit to a location that is 4 squares away from your current location while leading Flame Behemoth.

Scorched Earth   [Date:  Achievement: ]
Complete a battle by setting 12 squares on fire while leading Flame Behemoth.

This is Fine   [Date:  Achievement: ]
Have five burning enemies while leading Flame Behemoth.


If you’d like to watch me, I ‘usually’ stream on a Monday, Tuesday, Friday & Sunday night with a few exceptions.

You can join me at


User names with numbers

So, recently I’ve been playing a really fun game. I got Star Wars Battlefront with my PS4 back before Christmas as an early present from my Mum & Step-Dad, but thanks to the crazy outback Alaskan satellite internet I wasn’t able to play it right away.

Turns out even when I got back it was going to be a no go, due in part to not having a Playstation Plus account – and even after I bought some time just before my birthday I’d completely forgotten I could now play Battlefront until recently.

Which brings me to the point of this rant, because that’s what it is.

There are so many unimaginative usernames out there! I’ve played with people so desperate to call themselves nacho that they feel the need to add 2857358652523879325962395 at the end of their name for the originality of a bland and boring handle that makes no sense and won’t even differentiate them from anyone else who had the awesome idea of calling themselves nacho.

There are plenty of words in the world to use, either on their own or in combination with other words! I think I can even tolerate the use of numbers as a replacement for certain letters. 0 (zero) for an O for example!! Sometimes. Maybe.

I’ve been streaming my efforts, and it turns out that this seems to be a major hang up of mine, but I can’t really decide what the reason for my frustrations are. It’s not like their username is offensive me, nor should it bring the anger that it does, but I suppose it is JUST ONE OF THOSE THINGS.

I spent some time trying to rationalise the whole thing. Even the addition of numbers after a username to denote a year of birth is– frustrating to me?!

Maybe it’s a way to deflect my frustrations at almost always ending up in the bottom half of the scoreboard by the end of each campaign, but I’ll embrace the elitism nonetheless!

Fallout Shelter

I am completely addicted to this game.

I didn’t actually know it was a thing until I checked the app store and saw it up there in featured apps (I think). As if I wasn’t already excited about Bethesda’s newest announcement, so I think they’ve really timed the release well.

Putting this thing down is pretty difficult, even though it’s probably best played on a casual basis.

Unfortunately, it’s a pain in the ass because I only have the iPad mini 1. :/