Writing, Publishing, and Feedback!

Years and years ago, I used to write on an incredibly regular basis – back when my job was just a job and I wasn’t nearly as emotionally invested in the place I worked and the children I worked with.

Remembering a time when I used to churn out a whole chapter in only an hour or two seems ridiculous now, but on reflection I suppose the quality of that writing just went to show how much time I’d poured into it. Coming up with the plot was easier then, it didn’t matter what people thought of it.

However, the response I got to the stuff that I was churning out was awesome! I definitely miss the thrill of posting a chapter on Fictionpress and as early as the very next morning, someone would have left a review or a comment somewhere to insist that I continue the story and make sure I did this, or that.

If I thought that it wasn’t breaking all kinds of copyright rules, and wouldn’t lead to some sort of plagiarism I’d be more than happy to post like that again. At least, once someone had proof read it first. I’m still rubbish at proof reading my own things, and even when I do my damnedest to make sure I’ve corrected every possible mistake they seem to slip through the net with alarming ease.

Getting feedback is something that certainly positively affects my ability to get right down to it and write. Whether positive or negative, whilst you’re in the process of creating something it’s always helpful to have someone, even anonymously giving pointers and offering advice and direction. The first novel I published through fictionpress was probably directed by the comments far more than I recall myself – but that was such a long time ago, I can’t quite remember the details exactly!

I’m sat here considering the pros and cons of offering access to a password protected area to ‘publish’ chapters online, chapter by chapter. Of course, there’s the fact that Kindle offers the very prompt uploading of new versions of a story, that it would be quite easy to simply add another chapter every time it’s written.

Suddenly I have another avenue which I am keen to explore!