Today is a nothing day.

I woke up, and didn’t go back to sleep at 5pm, mostly because my Mum came in to tell me what time it was and also because the dog decided to come in and say hi. So I chose to wake up.

Not that I did anything after that. Mum made me dinner, then I had ice cream, and came back to my room to watch more of the Blacklist.

Everything is just sort of blank I suppose. I’m not really bothered by anything, there’s nothing I really want to do. I’m not motivated to do anything at all. Honestly, I feel like I’d be better off just going back to sleep or something, really.

I want to be able to write though, like I’d love to just type and type and see what comes out of it, not that I’m having any particular creative thoughts – mostly I think I just want to eat chocolate and sweets so maybe I already know what the problem is. :/

I think I would love a cup of hot chocolate. So I’m going to go and get just that.