The Judge (2014) 5/5

Backstory: I’m here in Cold Bay, Alaska. Picked up because RDJ.

The Prognosis: It’s true, that I am absolutely rubbish at paying attention to one single thing at a time. It’s not globally understood – but the fact that I paid 100% attention to this film is reason enough for me to give it a five star rating.

Seeing things critically is my forte, and as an avid supporter and fan of Robert Downey Jr. it was in (our) my best interests to start watching this with an incredibly disparaging eye, if I could see the worst in it I could build a defence. I started out thinking that this wasn’t going to be a difficult casting for him, of course – I love him best as Tony Stark and my first thoughts trudged along the path of; ‘oh here we go. Big shot guy, loads of money, has it ‘cushty’, this is a walk in the park for him, can’t he do anything else?’

About fifteen minutes later I’d forgotten that I was supposed to be viewing this as evaluator and was completely hooked.

In a lot of ways I felt a personal connection to RDJ’s character, Hank Palmer. No, I’m not a big shot lawyer that no one can afford, but I am a ‘runaway’. Removing yourself from your problems is often the easiest way out of things, or so it feels and so I suppose this particular film resonated with me on the sort of estranged from your Father kind of level.

This definitely wasn’t the only hook. The writing is wonderful, it’s been so well directed and when you throw in the amazing acting you have yourself a beautiful end product.

This is a film about a family, it’s about people and their ethics and everyone’s fight between right and wrong. It’s about forgiveness and understanding and supporting each other even when things are difficult.