26th February 2016

For many reasons, today was a good day.

Despite the fact that I didn’t leave the house until about 2pm, it feels a lot like I got so many things accomplished.

Journeying out of the house with intent to photograph things always makes me feel happy, but I always have in the back of my mind this understanding that simply venturing out with my camera isn’t a fix all cure to my rollercoaster emotions.

Today, the last Friday in February just happened to feel like the right kind of day.

My first task was pretty simple – venture up Steep Hill.


This in itself felt like a chore I couldn’t face no more than 100 yards from my home. I’m the first to admit that recently, my physical health could be a lot better. After 3 months in the relative isolation of Cold Bay, I’d hoped that being back in a country not pummelled by incessant wind, snow and rain might just encourage me to leave the house more often, but it’s an uphill struggle. (Get it?)

Usually it’s easy to blame something else, and today it was the shoes. Whether they’re just too big or not worn in well enough they were the first thing I discredited. Thankfully for me, once I’d thrown a few stray bonus points into determination, I refused to stop.

Taking photographs has always been a pretty whimsical thing for me. I don’t know nearly enough about my camera to warrant labelling myself a photographer (but maybe in the future that will change), and most of the stuff I take it point and click. I love sharing them all the same.




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