Yes I know – here I go again telling you about some great money saving app that I use but seriously – this one is kind of awesome.

It’s called Shopmium, and they have various offers on food/drinks in store.

When I signed up I got a free bar of chocolate. I bought the chocolate in the Co-Op, paid for it, then scanned my receipt and the item itself.

By that evening the money I’d paid for it was in my Paypal account.

They have quite a few ‘free’ things, and other offers too – on things you might be buying anyway.

At the moment they have an offer to try a new meat-free range from Sainsbury’s called Garden Gourmet. You can basically try it for free.

The name of the app is Shopmium, you can get in the App Store for iPhones and GooglePlay store for android.

I just want to pass it on, but if you would like to REWARD ME for recommending you, my referral code is: 329f9

ANY QUESTIONS. Just ask me. =D

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