Money Making Websites

This is a page which contains referral links to all the websites I visit which help me earn a little bit of money.

Primarily I share them with others because at some point in time, visiting them has helped me feel a sense of progress and meaning. I’m a big gamer, and I enjoy collecting achievements but sometimes it is difficult to accept that it is okay to do something for the sheer enjoyment of it.

Of course, I do benefit from telling others about these sites. Almost all of them have a referral scheme, and I take efforts to be clear about anything I gain, and never post links that require an upfront payment.


‘Free’ Lotteries

People with time, patience and real drive to make themselves some money have come up with great ways to help others whilst helping themselves.

The most popular website that I’m aware of at the moment is FPL, or –

Free Postcode Lottery.

Screen Shot 2016-03-22 at 11.01.33

Signing up is quick and easy and checking whether you’re a winner is a doddle. There are many chances to win, and as news of the website grows, so does it’s potential.

DOB Lotto

Screen Shot 2016-03-22 at 11.16.24.png

This one is a birthday lottery. Just enter your date of birth for a daily chance to win £50. It’s quick and easy, and from the 1st of April, they will be introducing the chance to fill in a quick survey to win another draw on the website.

Free Birthdate Lottery

Screen Shot 2016-03-22 at 11.19.46.png

Another chance to win thanks to the day you were born. Just tell them when it is, and if it’s picked you can win £5. This website is coming up with other quirky ways to win extra points and money to ‘cash out’, too. Looks very promising.


Screen Shot 2016-03-22 at 11.30.02.png

TThe one thing I make sure to do on this one every day is the ‘Guess the Card’. Which can generate a few points every day. (I always pick one suit!) There are other ways to earn some money – which you earn in the form of gift cards. I tend to cash out $5 Paypal vouchers.



In the form of an internet browser add on, this one will show you results when you search for something. Whether it’s on Google, ebay, amazon etc. By clicking on the link it shows you, you can earn a few pence. The really cool thing about this one is that you can cash out at any time, right into your paypal account.


2 comments on “Money Making Websites

  1. BjoernTempl says:

    convince them to sign up to get something from them? 1st.. they have the same chance to convince new people. 2nd.. you don’t only earn by creating a downline. by buying advertising space, the earnings of the company are shared with you.
    pyramid system? our whole world is a pyramid system. people who don’t want to earn money with revshare programs maybe don’t want money at all..
    i prefer investing, than playing 5$ games like GiftHulk.


  2. pinkmonkey13 says:

    I am new here and learning to make money from the blogs I post.


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