Since going vegan I’ve discussed my life choice with a fair few people. I don’t mind talking about the reasons why I made my decision, and it’s been incredibly insightful and eye-opening to understand the perspectives of others.

On more than one occasion, however, I’ve been told that my way of thinking in incredibly egotistical.

The notion that, I, as one singular person can make a difference to the world as a whole simply by changing my diet is not only egotistical, but arrogant.

As someone with a diagnosis of Borderline Personality Disorder, I started to question the validity of claims like these, and perhaps there is an element of my thinking that leads me to believe so strongly that I could have such a big impact – however after a lot of thought  not just about my commitment to being vegan, but in response to a whole host of  ‘current’ issues I feel that it’s less of a problem, but actually a solution.

The impact that we have as individuals is phenomenal. We are forever warning people of the dangers of drink driving, because it only takes one person to go out after a few beers to ruin lives. We knows that people like Malala Yousafzai can speak up about topics close to her heart and be a hero.

We’re constantly being told that our vote can count, that one extra vote by someone who hadn’t planned on giving their opinion can change the course of history. It’s the difference between which restaurant you and your friends go to for lunch, which new policies get pushed through, who will be the next political candidate.

So why shouldn’t we believe that we can make an impact? Why shouldn’t I think that by making small changes to my lifestyle I can make a difference?

I think it’s something we should all try, in our own way. Whether it’s a smile at someone you pass in the street, not dropping a piece of litter, choosing not to eat meat, whether it’s every day or just once a week.

It’s about positivity, passing on a message of love for others, for our world, our lives, our future.


3 comments on “Ego

  1. nintschgo says:

    You know, I think if everyone tried to make such a small difference, the world would be a nicer place :)


  2. Frances Burton says:

    Hi – I’m surprised that people have suggested you’re being egotistical by being vegan. I’m neither vegan nor vegetarian and yet it strikes me less egostisitcal to be so. When someone asks me why I eat bacon sandwiches, I say it’s because I like them – note the egotistical ‘I’. I don’t say, “Because I’m thinking of the pleasure the healthy pig has being killed.” Isn’t veganism more animal centric than egocentric?
    I guess you get a buzz knowing that in the course of your life, you would have stuck by your principles. In which case, your friends may be right but that’s as far as vegan egocentricsm goes, I’d have thought.
    Anyway, it’s difficult to imagine any living thing doing something that is 100% altruistic.
    The majority of humans fall short of self-sacrifice for the sake of others. If pigs had a choice, they probably wouldn’t choose to be sacrificed for us either but they come closer to altruism than most of us do.


  3. alix says:

    I wonder, if we were all vegans, where would the dung, to grow all those greens, come from? And what would happen to all that bio-waste? Today its used to feed the animals in the meat-industry. Hardly any of the vegan club eat the whole plant (i.e. radishes: why don’t you eat the greens as well? It is eadible, for instance in a salade; etc.). On the other hand, only 65% of a wheatcorn is eadible. The rest goes to the meat industry as well. What about biodiesel? We’d drown in that waste, if , again, the meat industry didn’t use it all up. And so on!
    None of that should stop you from going vegan. BUT! You guys are either militant arseholes, or naive coucoulanders. Not much in between. Vegans depend so much more on this world they seem to dislike so much! You wouldn’t last a week if you had to survive without industry, or even in real survival situation. Funny thing is, I haven’t met many who know the first thing about the plants in the next forest! I DO, but then again, I eat some meat, and eat eggs, again.

    all good medicine

    [ I just think life is all about readjusting and, in the end,
    you just have to get on with things.]


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