This is ridiculous. :(


My sleeping schedule is so messed up, and right now, as in – this minute right now I’m sat here back on the laptop after trying to sleep for the second time tonight. It’s so dumb.

I pulled an all-nighter, and so – didn’t sleep on Friday night. I got kinda tired at about 7pm, but we were out in the truck so I didn’t go to bed. The next time I felt tired enough to sleep it was midnight. So I went to bed at midnight on Saturday night, and didn’t wake up until 5pm yesterday. :/

Last night I tried going to bed at 12pm. Then I tried again at about 5am. Then again at 10am.

Every time I try to get to sleep I just can’t. It’s like I’m so tired that all I can think about is how tired I am. Usually if I’m shattered that’s it. I’m out like a light but I’ve been laid there thinking about how I’m not sure if the bedsheets are straight, and that they feel funny. Then one side of my pillow is wonky. Then I get an itch on my leg, or my hand, or my head. Then I move and it makes my hair so static that it floops into my face and oh my goodness like. What? HOW am I supposed to sleep like this?

To make matters worse, it’s now 11am, and I’m not particularly tired. I want to try to sleep again, but I’m worried that if I sleep now – I’ll probably not wake up for like, another 9 hours, or something equally ridiculous, but if I stay awake now I’m going to be so tired during the middle of the day and probably be irritable and ratty and blah blah blah. :|


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