On meeting someone famous

I’ve never met anyone famous. (I don’t think. If you’re famous and I met you I’m sorry, but you’ll never know because I’m insignificant and you’re famous and why would it even matter?)

I think it’s mostly because I don’t really look at people. You’re walking down the street and people are like ‘omg there’s whoever’ or they tell you about this cafe they were in, there was this famous person right across the room. Or when they see them in the street or whatever.

Films and TV were never my thing, probably until really recently. I like to watch stuff I already know I like, because then there’s no fear that the next hour or two is not going to be time wasted that I’ll never be able to get back. There are films that seem to be on so many people’s ‘list’ that often, I’ve never even heard of and I think that’s one of the reasons I don’t know, or couldn’t name many ‘famous people’. I listen to singers and appreciate their voices, actors and actresses often look so different to me when they play different roles in different films and you hardly see authors to know that they’re actually who they say they are. (Perks of being an author right there. Just show no one your face??)

Right now, I think there are maybe 5 people I could name, and if I saw them on the street or whatever I would recognise instantly and then be like ‘omg it’s u’ and promptly cry because to be in the same space as these people would be like the best moment in my life, because I’ve come to know and respect and love these people for who they are and what they do and how they do it. I don’t tend to admire people for their looks. I don’t pick my friends by looks either, (Sorry friends??) but it doesn’t really matter ’cause you’re all super smart, sexy and attractive anyway.

If I had to name one person I would love to meet, it would have to be, hands down and no take backs – Robert Downey Jr.

I fell in love with the guy’s portrayal of Tony Stark, and have just recently begun hesitantly reaching out to other things he’s starred in only to be rewarded every time, without fail. His performances are magnificent. I never thought I could relate to a character who is a big shot lawyer with a kid and car and that kind of intellect but apparently I can, did and will probably write about it somewhere.

You know what though? People talk about celebrities and say stuff like ‘oh, yeah no I wouldn’t kick him out of bed’ or ‘oh god just look at his cheekbones’ and I just kinda– don’t get it, but my own non-association of people with bedrooms is for another time, like everything else in my life.

If I could spend an hour with this guy I would wanna play vidya games, maybe sink couple cups of hot chocolate with marshmallows and whipped cream and talk about how awesome Tony Stark is and how cool it would be if arc reactors were real and how much difference that would make to the world. Then I’d give him a hug and be all ‘thanks for inspiring me to keep going’ and everything in my world would be perfect whenever I recall the memory.

Crazy ideation aside, it would just be pretty cool to shake the guy’s hand. I’d probably babble some crap about stuff, and maybe finally get the proper words out to let him know without switching on creeper mode that I admire and respect and love him.

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