GiftHulk; The site that’s been keeping me ‘positive’.

I thought I’d enlighten everyone on the stuff I get up to when I’m trying to earn a little money at the same time as browsing the net & playing games.

I’ve been a member of GiftHulk for a few years now, and I’ve managed to rack up enough points for more than my fair share of payouts.

One of my favourite things about GiftHulk is that I can cash out my points for PayPal credit, they’re pretty quick to process their pay outs, which is different from a lot of survey websites that I’ve been a member of, and if surveys are your thing you can get plenty of those done.

There are some really simple ways to get started. Every day, your account is credited with ‘coins’ to use in a really simple game called ‘Guess the Card’. I tend to choose go straight to ‘Guess the Suit’, as I feel I get rewarded more. Every time you guess the right suit, you get 4HC – which is local currency on GiftHulk. Sometimes you can win 100 HC if you get the Joker card, and also you can win the occasional Fountain of Youth Code. It doesn’t just entitle you to some extra HC’s, but you can share the code with up to three other people, too. I quickly found 3 other GiftHulk users to share codes with, and often wake up to news that they’ve had a code to share with me too. Finally, you can also get ‘Point Boosters’. These are great for anyone wanting to rack up the points on other parts of the website.

A newer addition is RadioLoyalty. I keep this playing in the background whilst I’m browsing, and it’s a really quick way to get the points rolling in. Every 10 minutes that you listen, you are awarded points! All you have to do is check back on the tab, and type in the CAPTCHA to get your reward.

GiftHulk also offers points for Tasks, which are really simple and supported by CrowdFlower, a company renowned through the world of online money making. Jobs come and go, but it’s worth checking back every day to see if there are any that suit you. Once you get going, it can be hard to stop.

I’ve got a mountain of knowledge to share, so I’d be happy to answer questions!

If you’re interested in signing up to GiftHulk, I have a special referral link that might just interest you. (and help me, too! =P)



4 comments on “GiftHulk; The site that’s been keeping me ‘positive’.

  1. commanderjackie says:

    I just signed up and used your code!

    Liked by 1 person

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  3. Charlotte H says:

    Thank you for the information. This is a new site for me.


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