Emulsifier 471

I’ve been vegan for a grand total of 3 weeks. It’s been much easier than I expected, but I’m not really here to talk about my own personal troubles.

I’m here to talk about Emulsifier 471.

It didn’t take me very long to work out that this was a problem ingredient. Every time a product seemed to be vegan, I was scuppered by this tiny addition to the list. There are only so many times that I’d like to scroll through endless Google results to find the answers to the ‘Question’. Is the 471 in this product animal based or plant based???

Of course, taking the first person’s word for it was never satisfactory. Anyone who works for a company can create a profile to say online ‘anonymously’ that their product uses plant based 471.

So why aren’t companies letting us know what we’re so desperate to find out? Surely it’s in their best interests, to be on ‘the list’ of widely known vegan products would surely improve sales and if they already use plant based 471 they’re onto a winner right away!

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