Changing your life

There are so many things that I feel I could write about right now. A lot of things have happened recently, and trying to pin down my thoughts for long enough to process these changes properly feels like something I’ve been incredibly bad at.

The biggest change is probably one that would shock all those people who know me. I met someone who explained to me that he was vegan. At first, I thought literally nothing of it. My attitudes toward other people have shifted radically over the last few years, and it’s hardly going to bother me that someone has chosen not to eat certain foods. Of course, my understanding of being a vegan was actually pretty limited. I have a close friend back home who I now know to still live a vegan lifestyle but for the longest time it was simply easier to ignorant about it. Every day there are countless numbers of things that happen that are unjust, unnecessary and if they happened to me I would be doing my best to shout out about them.

I was introduced to a few discussions and videos about only a handful of these things that happen every day, things that without knowing, I was a keen supporter of. It sounds ridiculous even as I type it, but this is an incredibly new concept for me – and I’m not the best at explaining my thought processes at the best of times, but after I watched a very interesting talk by a man named Gary Yourovsky my thinking changed drastically.

I’ve often been the type of person to do things on a whim. I can be quick to make up my mind about something, and I’m the first person to admit that sometimes my ideas and understanding about things can changed at the drop of a hat. It’s easy to listen to one conversation, and then listen to another and change my mind right after. This feels like something that I may well struggle with, but I have a determination about it that I’ve not felt before. This guy, Gary, made me question the reasons why we do the things we do, and helped me to understand very clearly that I wanted to do everything I can to try and stop the things that go on behind closed doors.

Quoting the talk is pointless, if anyone is interested enough to watch the video they will learn everything I know now, and he can definitely talk far better than I can argue  the topic. I can never properly process my thoughts, never mind trying to translate those into actual words.

Either way, after I listened – I acted. Luckily, I don’t have half as much food as I used to have – and where the day before I’d decided I would take the slow route, eat the food I still had and only buy new food that is vegan, I ditched everything. The milk, the nutella, the eggs, butter, honey. It’s all gone. To a good home, I’m sure. The free shelves here in the hostel have been my saviour enough times that it was probably about time I repaid the favour!

Only two days in, I’m not exactly in a position to claim success – but I am committed and prepared for a change! One I’ve orchestrated, and one I hope I can stick to.

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