There can never be too many cats.

This is one of the first cats I met on my travels.

She belongs to the awesome friends who housed me for just over a month before I left jolly old England back in October last year.

I was pretty pleased to find that a lot of the friends I’ve met along the way lived with animals of some kind. The cats were everywhere, especially.

It’s a short post – mostly perhaps to push my new youtube videos, but also because I suppose that’s something I really love about life at the moment. I’ve had so much time to stop and consider the wildlife around me. Not just the animals that my friends have, but the creatures I’ve come across along the way. It’s nice to have time to just stop when I want to and observe the mean seagulls continually stealing crackers or bread from each other, or watching parrots in trees, or staring at cows in the hope they might actually gather enough courage to come back over to the fence and say hi. They never did. :(

I’ve felt incredibly conflicted, especially during one leg of my journey up in the hunter valley where questionable things happened to the animals locally which is apparently a common thing up there. I’ve seen parrots in the wild, kangaroos, snakes! (Scary!), weird bugs, loads of puppies, cows, horses, sheep, cats galore, doglets that like to eat peas, stray cats, feral cats, cats that never seem to stop purring, cats that like boxes.

My general consensus on animals has really made itself solid to me. I’ve really begun to accept that they own the Earth just as much as we do. I’m upset by the things that happen to them, the attitudes of other people toward them, and I don’t care if people keep looking at me weird. I will always talk to the rats, cats, birds and bugs!

One comment on “There can never be too many cats.

  1. Marc-André says:

    Love cats! Hence why I made my whole blog about them. :D


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