That time I tried Mindfulness

I didn’t get out of bed until ridiculously late and I’m so ashamed by this fact that I am not even going to tell you what time it was when my feet first pressed against the floor.

There was something I had to do though – and that was a Mindfulness course at one of the Kikki K branches locally. It was a bit of a treat, really! One I paid for way back when I arrived in Melbourne a few weeks ago.

Again, this was one of those things that happens and it’s so weird that you just have to accept that life is pushing in a certain direction for your own benefit? I’m never sure what I believe it, but I discarded Christianity a long time ago due to many personal difficulties with it – but I don’t believe our lives are led by any ‘higher force’ either.

If you accept opportunities you’re going to learn new things and make new friends and meet people.

So this course was very interesting, and mostly talked about ways to bring yourself back to the moment. It was about learning how to appreciate the things that are happening right now. Instead of thinking about that conversation you had with someone yesterday, or the meeting that you have to make some speech for next week, or the argument you had with someone a few years ago.

Although I enjoyed it, and the company and prospect of filling out the Mindfulness Journal which came with the course – I do feel that I was already aware of a lot of things that we talked about. Very recently, I feel that I’ve gotten much better at being able to appreciate the moment. I take things slow, I try and enjoy the food I eat, enjoy the time I have and do something productive with it. Obviously, it’s much easier to make these kinds of claims when you’re literally not tied down by anything except money.

I do think it might help me claim some structure in my life. I love the idea of learning how to meditate. A lot of these skills are so much more important when you have an illness, too. Being able to shut off those thoughts would be amazing!

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