It’s been a while…

This post has been a long time coming, but I’ve tagged it as the 16th January as that’s the date I arrived.

It would be impossible for me to properly write about how much has happened since I’ve been here and how the job I’ve taken on as an au pair has changed my life.

I currently have four children in my care, and spend most of my life up in the house here in Timor. It’s beautiful, and I love it – but I spend a lot of time thinking.

Thinking is something I do in excess. It happens without me having to think about thinking about something. I’ve realised I stress too much over the smallest things and really need to keep learning how to ‘let it go’.

I also think I ought never to take another job as an au pair! As much as I’ve loved the experience, and absolutely adore and love the children I’ve come to know so well – this is not the right place for me. At least I can cross something off my potential jobs list. I have discovered a love of ironing, but only when there are no children about to demand they ‘help’ you.

I’ve learnt that I am partially in control of my moods. I can choose to be mean, and say no to a bunch of stuff, or I can be really nice and negotiate and have an awesome time. Unsurprisingly, children don’t like being told no. It’s been a fair few months and I’m still learning. Trying to undo whatever institutionalised thinking I’ve become used to and adopt a more open mind to things.

Soon, I will update about how awesome this place is, the landscape and the scenery and the lifestyle.

Today is not that day.

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