On the move

I have been absolutely terrible at updating this thing, but after a few weeks of inaction, and not even typing up any blog posts on my iPad or anything I’ve decided to write up an entry whilst I’m here in Brisbane.

Melbourne was hot, but usually it was just the kind of heat that you can get used to really quickly? Hot, dry heat that makes you feel like your skin is burning when you’re outside but then the moment you go somewhere cool it takes a couple of minutes to chill out again.

Here? Okay, here the heat is that awful humid heat that kinda just sticks with you FOREVER. All day yesterday I felt like I was melting and that was not an awesome thing. :(

Despite the weather, my last two days here(ish) have been awesome! I’ve met so many people that I love, and it’s been even more awesome to get to know them in person. I’m totally sticking a bunch of ridiculous photos we took up on here.

We had pancakes at this place called Pancake Manor and I thought it was pretty amusing because it was in some ‘old’ church with fancy tables and pews, which was cool. Then we all went for a walk around Brisbane and talked about the ancient architecture in the city that dated back to the late 900’s. (rofl)

Anyway! We hung out until like 10pm, and now I’m sat here listening to Katamari music and Shia LaBeouf.

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