Airports, airports, all around.

I’m sat in the airport in Seattle waiting for my next flight. It’s been a pretty eventful week and a bit here in Washington State, but I have no regrets and plenty of knowledge to carry forward with me on my journey. Obviously there are always pros and cons to any decision, and I’ve been working so hard to keep a positive outlook on life that it’s difficult to focus on anything negative about the stay.

Mostly, I’ve been managing to relax, although we’ve been out a few times to various places, including some time in Downtown Everett. I’ve loved lazy mornings, being introduced to new shows, watching films I’ve never seen before and getting to know three more cute kitties!

A couple of days ago we ventured into Downtown Everett for a few hours. They had a really unique ‘pagan’ shop which sold all kinds of things I’d expect and then so much more. I’d expected incense, jewellery, crystals, books – but not the huge array of teas, and basic ingredients to make pretty much anything. Shampoo, conditioner, hand creams, and a ton of different kinds of natural herbs, spices, and stuff.

I would probably have liked to have a palm reading done there – but the store was about to close as we arrived. I came away after resisting the urge to buy a set of tarot cards and a pendant… but it was a close call.

Unfortunately it meant I’d used up all my resistance points and I ended up buying the first two issues of the new Captain Marvel comics in a comic book store we came across later. It’s pretty strange to see somewhere like that open until 8pm, but I guess that’s America for you – even in a place that’s not full-to-bursting with people at that time of night. I could have spent a small fortune, but the comics were enough thankfully. (Would NOT have been the case if they happened to have Castiel’s Pop Bobblehead though.)

There were some lovely coffee shops there, including a place called Zippy Coffee that sold all kinds of vegan and gluten/dairy free products. It just made me think about how behind the times things are back in Lincoln – but I’m slowly learning about the general state of things in the world. England certainly isn’t the only home to backwards places like Lincoln, but the take up seems to be pretty slow. Trying to work out the differences, and the answers to why it’s like that is going to take a bit more insight!

They had some live music going on, a duo who mostly played guitar and hurdy gurdy, they even sung a sea shanty that they’d obviously picked up from back home if the mention of the ‘humber’ in the song had anything to do with it. At least I’m pretty sure the only humber they’d sing about is the humber in Yorkshire?

Saturday was also the first time I’ve had cuban food, in a restaurant called ‘Sol Food’. It took me ages perusing the menu to decide that I was A) going to choose something unusual and B) not going to get a side of fries with that. So I ended up getting a prawn salad with avocado and mango. It was pretty nice, although I could have done with more avocado and less mango (I do not know why I have such a dislike for the fruit.) After I’d expertly separated it from the rest of my meal (I was not playing with it, Jesse) I really enjoyed it! I don’t think I’d even eaten avocado as smooth as that until then, but the following night I was lucky enough to have some guacamole that Jesse made, and it was even more delicious. It’s got to be something about the ripeness of them that I just haven’t worked out yet.

Today has been a pretty hectic day, too.

Sending mail here seems like it’s a pretty tricky task. Apparently, most people pack up their parcels, weigh them and work out how much the postage is going to be at home before dropping it into a postbox, which is blue (so wrong) and dotted about here, there and everywhere. Stamps are bought from pretty much any general retailer like Fred Meyer or Walmart or whatever and then you just stick ’em on and go??? Leaving things to the last moment as always meant that there was no one at the ‘Post Office’ when I got there because it’s Columbus Day apparently, and everyone leaves early on Columbus day. Who knew? Needless to day, I haven’t sent the things I wanted to send, and I’ve left that in the capable hands of my good friend. (I couldn’t have squeezed any more things in my luggage.)

Eventually we got to Seattle, and spent a few hours in the International District here. Japanese copy of Naruto, acquired!

We had some delicious Tonkatsu (Pork) ramen, not that I could finish it all. I seem to have issues eating before flights, not that I feel like I’m particularly anxious or over thinking it.

I could have spent another small fortune in Kinokuniya, but thankfully I managed to remind myself that I do actually have to keep travelling and anything I decided to buy would either have to be abandoned at some point, or posted to the safety of my friends back home. Actually, it’ll be pretty interesting to see what I still have at the end of my trip that I started with! (I’ve already ditched some clothes and bought some new ones. Everyone said it would happen! I didn’t expect it to happen so soon.)

After a rain-filled drive to the airport, I’m here. Waiting for my flight which leaves at 11.50pm. It’s 9.30. Which feels a lot better than 7.50 when I sat down with my coffee and pan au chocolat. (Chocolate croissant, apparently) I’ve never known a flight that would leave so late, and then arrive so EARLY (2.30am ish.)

Then I’m on a flight out of Anchorage to Cold Bay, and I suppose that’s where I hope to get some really cool photos. I’ve been informed that it’s already snowing there, and the temperature is reaching the dizzy heights of 3 degrees Celsius.

Bring it on.

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