Let the travelling begin!

I’m sat in Heathrow Airport, and it’s a really strange feeling. All the ‘holidays’ I’ve been on before have been pretty clear cut. Arrive on this day, stay there, come back on some other day.

The build up to this has been pretty quick, and tumultuous.

Leaving a job I loved, moving out of my home, finding new homes for the pets, living with friends and trying to organise my life into one bag has been tiring but more rewarding than I can express and I haven’t even left yet


The weather isn’t so great here right now! Can barely see the planes right outside the terminals, never mind the run way, and I was quite looking forward to being able to watch some planes take off before I left. Instead, I’m sat in (not Starbucks) drinking some apple juice and typing up a blog post before I go starting me awesome 45 minute free session. Didn’t want to waste that on thought processes and tapping away at the keys.

I’m sure I’m not the only one, but sleeping on the plane has never seemed like an achievable goal for me! Whether it’s been the excitement of whatever is on the other side, or the uncertainty of the person you get sat next to, but I have a feeling, and a hope that I manage to get at least a few hours over the course of the nine hour flight!
Wednesday night was a write off as far as getting to sleep was concerned, too much thinking about whether I’d sent off all the right paperwork for everything, if I’d got rid of all the things I needed to get rid of, if there was anything else I was missing out on and last night felt like a pointless exercise too.

Leaving my friend’s house at 3.40am wasn’t so bad, but I really felt the lack of stereo in my Dad’s car! The radio sucks at the best of times, but it sucks best during the early hours of the morning, I’ve learned something already.

Still not sure when it’s going to feel completely real. Even though I’m here at the airport, with all my bags, waiting for the call to whichever boarding gate my flight departs from. Honestly, I want nothing more than to be able to get on my plane and sleep!!

Thanks to everyone for the well wishes on Facebook, family and friends who I’ve met up with over the last few days, and everyone for their support and love over the last few months. I’ve definitely needed the encouragement and assurance that this was the best thing to do, and I cannot wait to get started on this adventure and make the most of what seemed like a really soul-destroying decision!

All my love,

~Sleepy Ollie.

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