In a small room, full of cats

A girl started her travel blog.

I just hope it’s an interesting one.

Lincoln has been home to me for 17 years now, and I absolutely love the place. It’s easy to see beauty in it through most of the seasons, and I’m familiar enough that I can walk around and know where I am pretty much anywhere.

After working in a Special School for 10 years I’ve been made redundant and rather than take it at the huge hit it felt like for the first few days, I quickly turned it around into something positive.

Travelling is something I’ve enjoyed doing for a long time, and since about the age of 13 I’ve wanted to go to Australia and this is my chance.


My things have been sold, donated to charity or stored – I still have a heap of clothes to sort through and find other homes for. There are some last minute things to do, but I feel ready to leave – even if I still can’t believe I’m actually going.

I’m excited, nervous, unable to wait the LONG week until I actually fly!!

Dan & Sara have been absolutely amazing, letting me stay here for well over a month between sorting things out with my old house right up until my leaving date. The cats, Oliver, Lily and Cleo have been particularly welcome (although I think that’s mostly because the novelty of cats in the house has made my bedroom more accessible to them than they’re used to!) There’s one in the washing basket, and one curled up at the end of my bed making sure that there are no spiders or flies in the immediate vicinity!

Got lots of exciting things happening over the next few days. Vaccinations in the morning, meeting friends in town, dinner at another friend’s in the evening, and Saturday I have my last morning of work ( which I am in bit about :( ) and the evening is of course host to the big leaving party!!

I reckon that’s when it will really hit home.

I need to go away and make a list of things I have yet to accomplish in time for the flight! Away I go whilst I still have the energy to think about it.

~Ollie. x

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